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In 1985, therapist Niro Markoff tested HIV positive and was moving into ARC (Aids Related Complex). Facing what many saw as a death sentence at the time, Niro created her own program of emotional therapy, daily meditation, healthy diet and exercise. Niro’s program includes facing and healing fear, shame and guilt; powerful daily meditations, productive journaling, reprioritizing your life, and listening to your inner healer who will tell you what you need to do to allow healing to flow through you…yes you. Since 1986 she has tested HIV negative. She was featured in Parade Magazine and appeared on Donohue on 7/13/93.

I am happy and grateful to report that 20 Years After her healing, Niro Markoff is alive and well. If results in healing counts for anything, this is a case worth revisiting.

Back in the mid 90's at Hale House, the Computer Underground Railroad was able to introduce the Harlem community to Niro Markoff. The day of the event the mothers and children were given free tickets to Radio City Music Hall at the time of the event, so attendance was light.

Hale House's Dr. Ivan Black and a few of the women with HIV/AIDS attended. Dr. Black is one of those true healing angels who helped Mother Clara Hale with her work. Dr. Black was able to achieve a 100% remission rate of babies brought in HIV positive and reverted to HIV negative. The response was to fire Dr. Black. He had created a solution that could get in the way of fundraising. Poverty pimps need poverty to pimp.

Over the years I lost contact with Niro but in June we reconnected via the internet. Out of frustration that there was no real representation of this great healing warrior's work, I typed her book and put it on line for free. Markoff''s book, telling both her story and how folks can connect with their Healer Within, is WHY I SURVIVE AIDS. The work was originally published by Simon & Schuster and is posted to read for free or available at .

Niro Markoff healed herself by working with her Healer Within of HIV with ARC back in 1986."God is the true healer. Healing is being whole with God." Click Here To Contact Niro Via Email.

Since there is little to no money to be made by medical special interests using her techniques (though sometimes the Healer Within does lead one to the right doctors) not much attention was paid to her work, though it was powerful enough to be introduced into the public consciousness.

On 7/13/93, Markoff appeared on Donohue in a show called SHOCKING AIDS CASES DOCTORS - TS930722. She was also frequently featured in Parade Magazine as a long term AIDS survivor.

And the great healers of the day gave her ample praise: Dr. Bernie Siegel was a cancer surgeon for over 20 years at Yale-New Haven Hospital. He is the author of LOVE, MEDICINE AND MIRACLES and PEACE. LOVE AND HEALING. He wrote “Niro has been one of my most powerful teachers. Her book can show all of us how to overcome adversity and survive any of life’s threats. I highly recommend it.” The late, great Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (The Wheel of Life) wrote in her foreward to Markoff’s book: “Niro’s story about her discovery of the AIDS disease as well as her struggle with it-step-by-step-is a light in the darkness for millions.” Hay House’s founder, Louise Hay, author of YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE wrote “Niro is involved in some of the powerful healing work being done with AIDS. She is a beautiful woman whom I admire enormously.”

With what we now know about lobbyist purchasing government policy, that Markoff is not yet well known is no surprise. Through it all, with her champion spirit, she’s never given up on her mission to help heal the planet of AIDS and other life threatening dis-eases by working with one’s Healer Within.Markoff’s work expands beyond AIDS in its effectiveness.

Currently she is looking into healing World Trade Center Illness, an issue that is on its way to the front pages of every news operation in the world. The first responders have already begun to die. They were not the only ones exposed to the toxic material from the explosions of the WTC, nor did the dust stop at 14th Street in Manhattan, where she spent 3 months close to Ground Zero. She lost 3 people close to her on 9/11.Markoff is available for interviews, setting up workshops, and working on her new book.Markoff can be contacted via email.

We are overcoming now.

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