Monday, October 22, 2007

How To Shoot A Cop!!!

Please hear this idea out.

The police in Harlem apparently still treating her citizens like cattle.

People do what they think they can get away with and the police have gotten away with killing innocent people for almost a hundred years in Harlem.

Technology is a great way to use the healing power of truth.

By now there should be more than enough cameras in Harlem to shoot video of the police and their customers 24/7.

That's got to have a positive impact on crime reduction both from the criminals and the police standpoint.

There is a reason they can't answer questions. There are design problems in the police rotation system that needs to be fixed. There are better ways to flush out corruption than break community bonds for a schedule.

I can't imagine a better video leader than this young man who is telling the truthful results of poverty pimp policies.

I'm looking to Cliffy Barz as a leader in this evolution of Harlem's policy. It's way past time for Harlem to replace her industrial age poverty pimp lack of leadership with tech savy kids like Cliffy who are not ashamed to show the need for healing.

Truth of video has a way of showing the good and evil, empowering wise decision making.

Maybe because of this video, one policeperson will pause before executing the wrong person, knowing their decision is on tape. One can't know where all the camera are in such a small area.

To all good people keeping truth first, please keep up the great work.

The truth is setting us free.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Harlem's Senator Clinton

Has anybody asked
Senator Hillary Clinton
about this yet?

(do a video search for "Peter Paul" "Hillary Clinton"
for more information - it's a puzzlement)

Peter Paul has Senator Clinton on tape talking about money.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
I pray that's not what's going on here.
Looking for her side of the story.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cliffy Barz Interviews Mack 10 (Compton California)

I give thanks and praise for Harlem's youth.

Cliffy Barz is a Harlem "videologist" who's telling the truth about art, crime and community.

Note Mack 10's wisdom of the need to take time when developing art. Living in such an instant society, where we are taught to create in schools with time boxes, this may help an artist you know or are.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Senator Clinton

The US Senator representing Harlem, New York is running for president. I remember when she came on the scene in the early 90's talking about fixing the health care system and making children/education a priority.

It's now 2007. She has grown in political stature, but education and health care are worse off than ever with Medicine, Inc. as the leading cause of death.

I could be wrong and am researching additional information. Yet Senator Clinton's loyalty seems to have an Industrial (pro big medicine and industry) – Military (pro war against people who havenever hurt us) – Congressional complex base going way back.

Here's some of my concerns with Senator Clinton:


Though I'm sure she's pro education, when the Clinton family came to Washington they were faced with upgrading the public school system in Washington D.C. or sending their daughter to private school. Guess which won.

Even though she didn't send her daughter to public school, what did she do to champion public schools who were not worthy of Chelsea? As the current Senator representing Harlem too, how have the public schools improved since she became senator? I've always found it strange that the strongest building in Harlem is not a school where the children are kept, but the police station.

Based on results, what Senator Clinton did was not sufficient for the problem of education, though she had access to the resources.

Like Harlem, the Washington DC's inner city schools are still in trouble.

The D.C. school system that was shunned has new "standards" for education...
where the word computer is not mentioned. They are still talking about teaching children out of text books when everybody knows thatebooks can offer a greater variety of learning material than printed books, and at least pre-K-14 - national standard (Massachusetts) -should be on line for free.

It's like we're training inner city youth for careers in radio tubes at the dawn of the computer chip. It's tough to find a computer super store in the inner city. STAPLES, bless their hearts, is a stationary store, not a computer super store.

Talk about second hand information in the information age.

If then First Lady Clinton had just acted regarding computerization in the Information Age (like Lady Bird Johnson did regarding the environment in the 1960's with her Keep America Beautiful program), and told her husband (or brokered herself) to make a deal with corporations to donate older computers to local schools for a tax deduction, the problem would have been solved.

I still suspect that some of the thugs we have running the streets today would better interact with the rest of society if they spent more of their time at a computer screen where they could vent their rage in a safer environment. It's tough to have a gun and a keyboard going at the same time, though I admit, not impossible.


When Senator Clinton's husband had to have his heart operation just before the last presidential election, she expressed gratitude for their health care package. I wonder if any children died during that time as a result of not having or not having enough health care. Would she know their names? In this case Senator Clinton accepted the privilege extended to her family while tens of millions go uninsured every day. What a racket!

Maybe I missed her standing up to EPA's Whitman on 9/13/01 and saying the air WAS NOT safe to breathe, nor the water safe to drink, nor the building materials with the exploded bodies, asbestos, benzene and other toxic chemicals NOT able to be effectively cleaned. Asbestos does not clean out of fabric.

When the news was released about the breach in trust, THAT THE WHITE HOUSE TOLD THE EPA TO ALTER THE SAFETY REPORT, AND THEY COMPLIED, coordinated with a big power black out, I expected her in the White House parking lot ready to kick ass because people in her state had their lives ripped from them based on a lie.

I probably missed the story where she is suing the federal government for altering the WTC toxins safety report on behalf of those exposed. She's a lawyer,right? How much is she going for?

ALL EXPOSED TO WTC TOXINS SHOULD BE GETTING REPARATIONS AND HEALTH SUPPORT CHECKS, BIG ONES, NOW. Finance it with a recreational hemp tax if there is no money left from the war.

It was government negligence that put the city on lock down and lied about the test results. For years they denied there was even a problem.

Senator Clinton was in a position of power on 9/11. What's her position on 9/11 as an inside job? Has she said anything constructive on the issue or is she still talking that Osama bull shit?

Over the last few years Senator Clinton started to shift on the World Trade Center issue, but it's too little too late. The time to deal with it was at the beginning.


Harriet Tubman never lost a passenger on her train runs. Nope. Not never. She put the Lord first. Tubman put her life on the line to fight for those in her care.

Harriet Tubman was a war nurse and a military general in the Civil War, not a spectator in the hospital seeing what a nurse does all day. Did Senator Clinton clean out any bed pans or wipe up any puke during her recent photo op?

If not, I don't know how she can say she took the tour to understand a day in the life of a nurse.

When Sen. Clinton announced with pride about how she worked to award Harriet Tubman $10,000 in back military pay, about 90 years after Tubman's death, it seemed like a joke at first, then an insult.

Is that what The General was worth? Tubman was of greater value on the auction block, though not to herself or her people.

In retrospect, if Harriet Tubman, with all she did, was only worth $10,000......

If we are to grow as a nation, we must restore sanity to government and stop making the same stupid mistakes, putting the same selfish families in office again, and again, and possibly again.

I'm voting for the department of peace, no more torture for people or cruelty to animals, hemp legalization, restoring the Bill of Rights, common sense economics, repairing the damage this country has done, health solutions at both the cause and effect levels, empowering computerization, and a government managed from a uniting spirit, with the highest good for all concerned as its guiding principle.

I am voting Kucinich in '08.