Tuesday, February 20, 2007


"Our thoughts create our reality."

I've always thought that I want to be 100 years old when I grow up.

I'm going for 100 plus and I'm more than half way there, with The Lord's Grace. It doesn't matter if I die now or reach my goal because there are such wonderful moments in the mix.

Mindset seems to be important to longevity. Not the absolute, which is the Lord. But an influence.

I was teaching folks in Harlem how to use a computer when Tupac was murdered. Tupac was known for "knowing" he was going to die at 25. Many of the young people at the time shared with me that they also held that feeling.

I had classes of seniors from the A. Philip Randolph Senior Center and Minisink Townhouse and after school classes of young people at Minisink. So I told the seniors, who had clearly mastered basic survival skills by being here, what was going on with the children and asked what advice I could give the young people who don't think they would make it past 25.

The seniors unanimously agreed that the first step in getting old is seeing yourself old. Don't allow death/fear thoughts to get in the way of living.

Bryant Gumbel when he first went on the Today Show interviewed a man who was 113 years old. Bryant asked him how did he get to be 113. The man said there were only 3 things that he could think of that he did. Prayed every day. Made sure he went to bed every night and made sure he woke up every morning. He told Bryant that if he would do just those three things on that schedule, Bryant would look up an be 113 one day too. That prescription reads to me like "the divine plan for mortal survival."

Age is an illusion. We've got life, now, in this form.

"Nothing Real Can Be Threatened.
Nothing Unreal Can Exist.
Herein Lies The Peace Of God! "
(A Course In Miracles, T, 1, 2.2)

J O Y!!!