Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rangel Argues Before Ethics Committee- Full Video

Congressman Charles Rangel + American Gangster Frank Lucas equals Iran Contra, the government selling drugs in the urban communities.

Of course Con. Rangel had to walk out of his ethics hearing. He has none. He ignored Harlem's environmental, economic, health, educational and computerization problems.

Look at Harlem today. Based on results he is the ultimate poverty pimp.

Don't believe me? Check the rings, cuff link and suit he's wearing...on a government salary. Legacy brought to truth.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Large sewage seepage concerns Valley residents

A dangerous sewage system is not native to Harlem.

News Tribune - News - Local - Large sewage seepage concerns Valley residents

If you're smelling it, you're breathing it I told many people in Harlem from Congressman Charles Rangel to a passerby on the street kind enough to listen and accept a flier.

The problem of the health impact of our sewage treatment plants is much bigger than the traditional media is reporting. I've posted my research from before I left Harlem in '98 on this blog.

It's not a problem one can run away from. All across the eastern seaboard old sewage system are cracking, exposing resident to air borne toxins.

"The sinkhole is located south of their homes, according to city engineer Jack Kusek. Todd Schmollinger said a separate pool of sewage “three or four cars long” has seeped up through the ground 30 yards from his deck.

“The cleanup of (that area) would be nice in the near future. I’m tired of smelling sewage,” he said.

Kusek said the city has begun looking for a way to fix the problem. After mine reclamation work was done, slag was spread on top of sewer pipes. Those pipes were buried about 16 feet below the surface now lie 30 feet below, under more pressure than they were built for.

After city workers found the sinkhole earlier this summer, John Pohar & Sons Inc. began excavation with the hope of replacing the damaged pipe. But the more they dug in search of undamaged pipe to connect to, the more broken pipe they uncovered. More than 40 feet of pipe have been exposed, Kusek said, and they still have not found a solid section."

To solve the problem we need to replace our failed sewage and water systems with modern hemp plastic and hempcrete. Henry Ford said hemp plastic is 10 times stronger than steel.

All parts of the system need air tight covers and constant VOC and other scientific forms of monitoring.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BBC Reports Collapse of WTC Building 7 Early-- TWICE

9/11 is an inside job that needs to be brought to justice.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2 Cops Out Of A Job For Tasering Woman Multiple Times - Police Dash Cam

Janice Wells called the Richland Police Department when she feared a prowler was outside her clapboard house in the rural west Georgia town.

The third-grade teacher had phoned for help. But within minutes of an officer coming to her backdoor, she was screaming in pain and begging not to be shocked again with a Taser. With each scream and cry, the officer threatened her with more shocks.

"All of it's just unreal to me. I was scared to death," Wells said . "He kept tasing me and tasing me. My fingernails are still burned. My leg, back and my butt had a long scar on it for days."

The officer in question is Ryan Smith of the Lumpkin Police Department. Smith was called to back up an officer from the Richland Police Department because the sheriff's office in the county, Stewart, had no deputies to send.

Smith resigned as a result of the incident. The other officer involved, Tim Murphy of Richland PD, was fired for using pepper spray while trying to arrest Wells.

Wells is considering filing a lawsuit, according to her attorney,.

The details of the altercation between Wells and the officers have been fodder discussions in the two towns, which are only 10 miles apart. Some have speculated there was a racial component to the altercation between Wells and the policemen; Wells is black and the officers are white.

Stewart County Sheriff Larry Jones, who came to the house seconds after the last electric shock was administered, suspects the outcome would have been different if the woman had been white and the officers black.

"I don't think they would have done a white female like that," said Jones, who is black. "If they had, it wouldn't have been any doubt about whether they need to be terminated."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hitmakers video submission

Robert Anton

Monday, March 01, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I write this as a third generation Harlemite in exile. What use to be Harlem after decades of poverty pimps lead by Con. Charles Rangel has created a situation where to some violence is the only way to solve things. Like Iran Contra, AIDS and eco-racism, poverty pimps take money under the table as payment for the souls of the people. 'Taint fittin, just 'taint fittin.

The great Harlem journalist, Cliffy Barz and his crew are telling the truth about what's really going on and I am eternally in their debt. He is the first journalist I know who was 'too hot for Youtube' with his power webeo HOW TO SHOOT A COP!

No Child Left Behind left many of our young people behind in legion numbers. Our children are lost and it's up to us to help them find the truth about the world. Only the truth is true and Cliffy Barz is a truth master...not afraid to tell it. He's like Dick Gregory who said on the Martin Lawrence show that airs on Starz, 'you better tell the government that they have to change their use to be secrets if I get captured.' I thank God for whatever motivates this team to keep on telling the truth. It is how we can heal.

When I was training folks on computers at Minisink Townhouse, I got in a battle with some of Harlem's poverty pimps about the violent video games.

I said if we teach children to solve problems with violence, they will be more likely to use violence to solve their problems.

The training was shut down cold and blood letting not seen since the days of the numbers wars is killing folks.

There is a lot about policy at cause for the violence. The technique used in Harlem is create a crisis and pretend to solve it. Keeps the people's minds off of the wholesale stealing going on.

In Harlem folks are surrounded by 5 open sewers which are at cause for many health problems. Unhealthy adults cannot focus on the joy of their children and so many of the young folks are sad, and mad, great customers for what takes pain away and reduces the intense feelings of hopelessness.

This has got to stop. Now would be a good time.

Here's a first step. PRAY


Second FIRE CONGRESSMAN RANGEL, in office since 1972. Don't let him steal another election. Flush out the rest of the poverty pimps too. Tell them to get real jobs, like cleaning the streets.

Third step. Give everyone computer access and encourage on line businesses.

I'm keeping an eye out for this extraordinary documentary NEW YORK STREETS, coming soon.