Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Riverbank State Park & Other Harlem, NY Environmental Problems Notes

Marketing language.  In the early 1990's the City of New York put a the Riverbank State Park park where folks come to exercise on top of an open sewer.  I went to many community board meetings and bought up the problems of the open North River Waste Water Treatmet Plant sewer. At one of the meetings about the health concerns from exercising on top of an open sewer a woman responded, 'yes, my building is full of cancer.'  Another woman who was chairing the meeting said 'yeah, I know, my building is full of cancer too but this meeting is about Coke or Pepsi in the park.'

Harlem is no longer majority Black so I keep posting this information in the hopes that the people who do live there will take into consideration the need to clean up the areas environment. The initial research on the subject of the sewers is posted on this blog. 

Harlem's Sewer Problem, Did It Get Any Better? 

Here's some of the other problems or potential problems I presented and updated awhile back for the current residents of Harlem to consider and fix.

Earthquake Fault Lines: Running down 125th Street through some of Harlem’s mass transit routes, including an elevated subway, is an earthquake fault line. Many old buildings need to be fortified or torn down and rebuilt using the 3D printing technique known as "contour crafting."

In 2003 it gave us a reminder of its presence. It’s been reported that there is also a fault line under 145th Street too. 

Most of the buildings on the streets of Harlem are brick or stone and are not strong enough to withstand a major earthquake.  Given Harlem’s population density and mass transit system, there needs to be a well known and understood civic plan for addressing a large earthquake with special attention paid to an earthquake under the ocean that could produce a tidal wave that would run up the Hudson and East Rivers and flood the valley portion of Harlem. 

The New York City Area Consortium For Earthquake Loss Mitigation has detailed maps and information.  For example, their map of soil strength shows that where the mall is about to be built is on soft soil, which is most vulnerable during an earthquake.  When you click on the map, notice how much of Harlem is soft soils.  Most of the firehouses are located in masonry buildings.  During a 5.0 or greater earthquake, this is a problem.

On Saturday, October 27, 2001 at 6:16 am et the New York Daily News online reported that a minor earthquake shook New York. 

"A magnitude-2.6 earthquake hit under Manhattan around 1:42 a.m., said Dr. John Ebel, director of the Weston Observatory at Boston College, which monitors seismic activity in the Northeast. "That's more than a tremor. That's a small earthquake,"  Ebel said.

"The last significant natural seismic event to strike the city was a magnitude-2.4 earthquake on Jan. 17."  That's two in the year that had the additional vibration pressure of the falling of the World Trade Center.

What needs to be done: Use 3D printing in the contour crafting technique hemp plastic exteriors to hold buildings together and make them waterproof in case of...
Flood Dangers

Harlem, Below Sea Level,  At The Beginning Of Global Warming:

The typography reveals that much of Harlem is located below sea level.  On the west side, you can drive your car right into the river if you want. Both ends of 125th Street could become flooded and the area’s population located in central Harlem could be under water in a short amount of time. Scientists have already warned about a massive tidal wave that could come from the falling of rocks from the Canry Island Volcano.  It could take out most of the east coast.  

Since the Wall Street and Mid-Town areas are closer to the ocean, they may flood first, which, as we learned during the falling of the WTC, would mean few if any resources available for Harlem residents other than themselves.

Global Warming is already anticipated to reclaim coastal cities so action must be taken now to secure these areas.  Like in Holland, dikes or dams need to be built to help keep the ocean in the ocean and the land on the land. The best reference book I read on the subject is THE RISING TIDE:  GLOBAL WARMING AND WORLD SEA LEVELS by Lynne T. Edgertorn, Natural Resources Defense Council.
Rodent Disease Transmission

Rodent and Roach Transmission Of Disease: 

History is full of examples of rodent transmitted diseases taking out a large portion of a population, i.e. bubonic plague.  The millions of rats in Harlem and the South Bronx could infect their populations with a large array of diseases, beginning with Hanta Virus.  Information needs to be shared on both the risk and solutions available.  The CDC and NIH can contribute the materials needed to control the rodent population.

It has been reported that roaches contribute to asthma. 

As we learned from the West Nile Virus, rodent transmission is not the only concern.  We need to be aware of what animals we are interacting with and how to best interact with them.

What needs to be done. Fortify our bodies through nutrition, attention to symptoms and of course medical marijuana to reduce the stress.  Research ways to boost our immune systems to life in this, the nuclear age of mutant virus, et. al.  We can overcome many illnesses without toxic vaccines, with clean environmental standards to minimize the impact of......

Respiratory Problems

Air Pollution And The Link To Respiratory Problems Is Obvious. 

Clean air is a remote concept in Harlem, and that needs to change.  Though only a few miles wide and six miles long, she is surrounded by heavily trafficked highways, has had tons of residual pesticides spread within her houses and parks, has been exposed to industrial dry cleaners leaking poisons into her soil, and has severe roach and rodent problems.  Toxic mold has been found in Harlem, which can also affect respiratory health. 

According to the South Bronx Clean Air Coalition, "Disparities are staggering: children who live in Harlem or Hunts Point are five times more likely to be hospitalized than children in upper-income neighborhoods, according to a Health Department study. Lincoln Hospital recorded 14,300 asthmatic visits in its emergency room last year."

The majority of Manhattan’s bus depots are in Harlem. Of course we can shift to a Tesla style energy system for transportation quickly.

I failed to get a solid answer on what’s coming out of those stacks on top of the sewer. 

In an area with high unemployment, jobs could be quickly created to clean up the environment and help the people get and stay healthy.  For example, it is cheaper to clean up the environment than it is to treat the many sick people who have environmentally induced cancers, respiratory problems, etc.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Celebrating the life and accomplishments of my mother Mary R. Scott, Esq.


My mother Mary R. Scott, Esq. passed to beyond life on March 26, 2014.  She lived a long and wonderful life while teaching the rest of us how to do the same, find the Lord in every instant and follow Him.

Her parents are the late James LaRochae (owned butcher shops in Harlem and Connecticut plus a restaurant in Massachusetts) and Mary Frances ("hair dresser", missionary, restaurant owner - the original Nayer) Turner. My maternal grand parents were part of the Black migration who left Florida in the 1920's for the promise of Harlem after Rosewood, Black Wall Street, etc. 


The promise paid off as they set standards for the rest of us. 

My beautiful, stylish mother, born in Harlem in the 1930's, was a fashion diva, pianist, wife of my father the late, great Joseph Neil Hardin (singer, teamster, labor rights activist), a Connecticut lawyer since the 1980's, quilter and in the last quarter century of her life, happy wife of and partner with her beloved Lt. Col. John Scott, Esq who loves her with all of his heart and being.

With the clue that there could be multiple universes - my confidence remains high that death is just the next step in eternity, despite illusions. "WE DON'T DIE, WE MULTIPLY!"

Our beloved planet Earth is smaller than a grain of sand in the scope of the universes.  Karma is a blessing to the truly good souls.  My mother exceeded the definition of 'truly good soul' as should of rest of us. 

I look at the stars and wonder which one she could be on now and what she is doing to improve being there, like she did here.

All that wisdom and not one less tear is being shed.