Thursday, March 27, 2014

Celebrating the life and accomplishments of my mother Mary R. Scott, Esq.


My mother Mary R. Scott, Esq. passed to beyond life on March 26, 2014.  She lived a long and wonderful life while teaching the rest of us how to do the same, find the Lord in every instant and follow Him.

Her parents are the late James LaRochae (owned butcher shops in Harlem and Connecticut plus a restaurant in Massachusetts) and Mary Frances ("hair dresser", missionary, restaurant owner - the original Nayer) Turner. My maternal grand parents were part of the Black migration who left Florida in the 1920's for the promise of Harlem after Rosewood, Black Wall Street, etc. 


The promise paid off as they set standards for the rest of us. 

My beautiful, stylish mother, born in Harlem in the 1930's, was a fashion diva, pianist, wife of my father the late, great Joseph Neil Hardin (singer, teamster, labor rights activist), a Connecticut lawyer since the 1980's, quilter and in the last quarter century of her life, happy wife of and partner with her beloved Lt. Col. John Scott, Esq who loves her with all of his heart and being.

With the clue that there could be multiple universes - my confidence remains high that death is just the next step in eternity, despite illusions. "WE DON'T DIE, WE MULTIPLY!"

Our beloved planet Earth is smaller than a grain of sand in the scope of the universes.  Karma is a blessing to the truly good souls.  My mother exceeded the definition of 'truly good soul' as should of rest of us. 

I look at the stars and wonder which one she could be on now and what she is doing to improve being there, like she did here.

All that wisdom and not one less tear is being shed. 


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