Monday, November 26, 2007

Riverbank State Park Is Over An Open Sewer

One of the reasons I did not return to Harlem in '98 was after walking under Riverbank State Park for the second time, I was clear that I did not want to live breathing in sewer air.

Those in charge were content to keep the conversation on odor and flow rather than the germs and toxins from the open sewer, North River.

I heard the smell problem is gone, which got me worried. I hope they did not just add more chemicals to the process, which the people will be breathing.

So I went to the City's page on North River.

Here's how they solved the problem, by putting sodium hydrochloride and sodium hydroxide (lye).

"Odor control

To improve the control of odors from the plant, New York City has recently spent an additional $55 million beyond the cost of construction of the original odor control facilities. North River’s odor control facilities are among the most elaborate in the country.

During the odor control process, plant air is pumped into a large tank and scrubbed clean with a mixture of two chemicals, sodium hydrochloride and sodium hydroxide (lye). The air is then funneled through activated carbon filters, which absorb odors and chemicals and remove the remaining odor-producing particles. The air is then released through 100-foot ventilation stacks on the plant roof."

If you're still in Harlem, check to see if the filters are working properly.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

ALEX JONES -Police Caught Posing as Violent Protesters

Beware of this police tactic of acting like a protester to start violence, and justify hurting folks.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Harlem's Surrounded By 5 Open Sewers

I pray that in the almost ten years since I left Harlem, this situation has changed, but I can find no evidence that it has. If you have any, please share.

Harlem is surrounded by 5 open sewers, North River Water Pollution Control Plant, Wards Island, Tallmans Island Water Pollution Control Plant, Hunts Point and Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plants.

The two most obvious, North River (135th & Hudson River, 10027) and Wards Island (Wards Island, NYC 10035) Water Pollution Control Plants (Sewage Treatment Plants) are on the west side of Harlem and in the river off of the east side respectively.

In great part due to the open windows at all ends of the North River Water Pollution Control Plant, and outdoor tanks at Wards Island, Harlem is breathing, daily, volatile organic compounds (VOC's -airborne living organisms) from these sewage tanks.

I've posted some pictures I took of North River shortly before I left Harlem.

Across the river on the east side, Harlem is also close to Hunts Point Water Pollution Control Plant, Tallmans Island Water Pollution Control Plant, and Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plant. The bottom line is if folks are smelling it, they are breathing it, the city's sewage and all airborne elements it produces. And by the way, there is relatively new technology that removes the smell, but the question is what about the toxins?

Politics and common sense need to merge in Harlem. Her best park, Riverbank State Park, is located over the North River plant and has people, among them children and seniors, exercising over an open sewer…not healthy.

The NYC EPA says “The roof of the building is the home of Riverbank State Park, a popular recreational facility with three swimming pools, an amphitheater, an athletic center, a skating rink, a restaurant and sports fields - and, of the two New York State park facilities in the City, the only one built on top of a water pollution control plant.” It’s won many awards while placing Harlem residents in danger of toxic chemicals, methane gas and mutating germs.

Established Harlem leadership had decided to put a Hudson River mall just south of the sewer.

Don't they think that the funk from the sewer may affect the quality of the meal or are they confident in the new equipment?

Environmentalists are being honored in Harlem who keep the conversation about odor and flow rather than toxins and germs coming off the sewers.

Sewer System As A Source of Germ Disbursement: “The greatest danger…in breathing of sewer air is that of inhaling with it the living particles (bacilli, etc.) contained or developed in the excrement of diseased persons.” {Roger S. Tracy, Handbook Of Sanitary Information For Households, NY Appleton, 1895}

Sick people from all over the world come to New York City to benefit from her extraordinary medical system. Though hospital waste is handled separately from the general sewer system, during the time before sick people check into the hospital, and, if they remain in the city, after they leave, they are using the general sewer facilities.

In this time of terrorism, toxic materials (both medical and chemical that could cause illness and death) can be dropped into the sewer system and a large portion of the population could be impacted days after the event.

Floating material could contain harmful elements and the results, devastating. This is because many, if not all of the NYC sewer plants, are not covered and in some cases could be easily contaminated from street or building levels without the culprit being noticed.

At North River, the large windows by the tanks are open. At Ward’s Island, the tanks are outside. Though we are encouraged to take comfort in the fact that chlorine kills 85-95% of the germs in the sewer, the more relevant question is what is in the other 5-15% that is strong enough to survive chlorine, food additives, genetically altered foods, human growth hormone, antibiotics, etc. Consider what happens when those strong germs and toxic chemicals get together in North River’s secondary tanks, with their steam wafting off the tanks next to open windows.

The additional chlorine put into the environment via tap water and flushed into the river can have a seepage effect on the land it comes in contact with, further empowering mutating bacteria.

The water in North River’s secondary tanks frequently has steam coming off them, which lifts some germs and they become air borne. Harlem's infant morality rate in the year after the North River Plant went into operation was 2.5 times higher than the rest of the City. Yet the discussion is limited to odor and flow, which haven’t killed anybody.

When you connect the dots between when the North River plant was open and rises and falls in her infant mortality rates over the years, you’ll see a direct correlation.

North River Plant and Infant Mortality Rates in NYC & Harlem 1984-1993

Year - NYC - Harlem
1984 - Plant Construction - 13.6 - 16.0
1985 - Plant built - 13.4 -23.3
1986 - 12.8 - 27.6
1987 - 13.1 - 20.9
1988 - 13.4 - 22.0
1989 - 13.3 - 23.4
1990 - 7.6 - 27.7
1991 - Primary Tanks Covered - 11.4 - 19.2
1992 - 10.2 - 15.9
1993 - Crack in tank - 10.2 - 25.

I failed at getting the people in charge to see the direct connection between actions taken at the sewer and the area's infant mortality rate.

I see a radical jump in the infant mortality rate the year the plant was built, a higher than normal rate during the early years of the plants operation, a drop in 1991, the year they covered the primary tanks. There was another radical jump the year there was a reported crack in the tank (I don't know if it was a crack in the tank or the cover, but it resulted in a higher release of toxins into the area.) Public information after that point was not longer available at community meetings between '93 and '98, when I left.

What needs to happen to correct the problem?

First, the windows need to be covered or at least the tanks sealed, like what was in the original plans. Hemp makes a good bullet proof plastic out of Hemp Stone that could be a cost effective solution. The glass needs to be bullet proof because the sewer is next to the river, which is an estuary, at the edge of the ocean, at the beginning of global warming. The plant is just above the river level and subject to danger in case of a radical tidal wave.

“The problem with covering and air treating the secondary tanks is one of expense … NYCDEP’s rough estimate for subjecting the secondary tanks in a similar odor control system as that for the primary tank is in excess of $100 million.” From “The Smell of Success? An assessment of Odor Control Measures at the North River Water Pollution Control Plant” (June, 1994)

Where are they shopping? Tiffany’s?

We need to honestly evaluate the situation at hand. Consider using sealed aircraft aluminum covers for the secondary tanks and using a NYC labor pool, featuring Harlem residents trained for the job.

Community residents will be motivated to do a good job because they and their families are breathing the air.

Second, regular testing of the sewer's contents and airborne materials need to be done and the results published. The people have a right to know what's in the air, water and land. As we remove or control the cause of the problem, the effects, what we experience as reality, will diminish like what happened in 1991 when the primary tanks were covered.

Asthma attack: Harlem's toxic trucks targeted - truckers fined!

Somebody please tell me they are kidding!!!




November 17, 2007 -- Smoke-belching truck tearing through Harlem are being ticketed with heavy fines for leaving a trail of toxic dust that has elevated the area's asthma rates to alarming levels, authorities said yesterday.

Over the past two weeks, 110 trucks have been slapped with fines that start at $750 for first offenders, and $1,300 for those caught a second time."

They're kidding right about the problem being the toxic trucks?

It is not the truckers who should be fined. It is the fools in charge who had created a toxic environment and are trying to blame the working people for the problem. If these are the folks making deliveries in this underserved area, what message is that sending?

If we had been using hemp biofuel or magnetic energy, there would be no air pollution from trucks. Our government has made clean burning hemp biofuel illegal and starved Bruce DePalma's invention, the N Machine that works with a Faraday Motor to create clean, free, sustainable energy. Instead they keep us on toxic energy and decide which will be the next war project.

I left Harlem screaming in '98 because the poverty pimps, no matter how many times I spoke with them, how many street corners I stood on for hours at a time giving out flyers, or rallies at Riverside Park, the leadership was/is stuck on stupid, evil or both if they are blaming the truckers for Harlem's asthma problem.

They would take their own families to Riverbank Park to swim on top of an open sewer because it was politically correct to support the best park in Harlem. It was like the movie JAWS beach scene on the 4th of July weekend.

Federal, state and city policy has legislated Harlemites to death, literally.

1. Harlem is surrounded by 5 open sewers, North River, Wards Island,Tallmans Island, Hunts Point and Bowery Bay. Hunts Point is where they make the fertilizer.

At Riverbank, they have added a new $55 million air treatment process that removes the odors. Does it remove or empower the toxins?

I remember being in shock at the environmental poverty pimps working to keep the conversation on odor and flow rather than the mutating germs and other toxins released from the open windowed sewers. (More information posted next blog entry).

2. Harlem is surrounded by high traffic highways on 3 of 4 sides.

3. The Harlem valley is a sink for a lot of the toxins in the area.

4. There are large rat and roach problems that could help cause asthma.

5. Some of those building are over 100 years old with mold, lead and other toxins.

6. World Trade Center dust was not cleaned up in Manhattan anywhere but in the hole. That toxic dust has to be impacting by now since the incubation time is 5-15 years, though the first person to die from WTC Illness passed in February, 2002.

7. Plus increased stress after the greatest inside job ever, 9/11, and they want to blame the trucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think they should check out the above list before giving the truckers grief.

Or maybe the fines are about greed. Like the environmental disaster could have been about the genocide necessary for clearing Harlem out to make way for modern times.

Monday, October 22, 2007

How To Shoot A Cop!!!

Please hear this idea out.

The police in Harlem apparently still treating her citizens like cattle.

People do what they think they can get away with and the police have gotten away with killing innocent people for almost a hundred years in Harlem.

Technology is a great way to use the healing power of truth.

By now there should be more than enough cameras in Harlem to shoot video of the police and their customers 24/7.

That's got to have a positive impact on crime reduction both from the criminals and the police standpoint.

There is a reason they can't answer questions. There are design problems in the police rotation system that needs to be fixed. There are better ways to flush out corruption than break community bonds for a schedule.

I can't imagine a better video leader than this young man who is telling the truthful results of poverty pimp policies.

I'm looking to Cliffy Barz as a leader in this evolution of Harlem's policy. It's way past time for Harlem to replace her industrial age poverty pimp lack of leadership with tech savy kids like Cliffy who are not ashamed to show the need for healing.

Truth of video has a way of showing the good and evil, empowering wise decision making.

Maybe because of this video, one policeperson will pause before executing the wrong person, knowing their decision is on tape. One can't know where all the camera are in such a small area.

To all good people keeping truth first, please keep up the great work.

The truth is setting us free.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Harlem's Senator Clinton

Has anybody asked
Senator Hillary Clinton
about this yet?

(do a video search for "Peter Paul" "Hillary Clinton"
for more information - it's a puzzlement)

Peter Paul has Senator Clinton on tape talking about money.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
I pray that's not what's going on here.
Looking for her side of the story.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cliffy Barz Interviews Mack 10 (Compton California)

I give thanks and praise for Harlem's youth.

Cliffy Barz is a Harlem "videologist" who's telling the truth about art, crime and community.

Note Mack 10's wisdom of the need to take time when developing art. Living in such an instant society, where we are taught to create in schools with time boxes, this may help an artist you know or are.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Senator Clinton

The US Senator representing Harlem, New York is running for president. I remember when she came on the scene in the early 90's talking about fixing the health care system and making children/education a priority.

It's now 2007. She has grown in political stature, but education and health care are worse off than ever with Medicine, Inc. as the leading cause of death.

I could be wrong and am researching additional information. Yet Senator Clinton's loyalty seems to have an Industrial (pro big medicine and industry) – Military (pro war against people who havenever hurt us) – Congressional complex base going way back.

Here's some of my concerns with Senator Clinton:


Though I'm sure she's pro education, when the Clinton family came to Washington they were faced with upgrading the public school system in Washington D.C. or sending their daughter to private school. Guess which won.

Even though she didn't send her daughter to public school, what did she do to champion public schools who were not worthy of Chelsea? As the current Senator representing Harlem too, how have the public schools improved since she became senator? I've always found it strange that the strongest building in Harlem is not a school where the children are kept, but the police station.

Based on results, what Senator Clinton did was not sufficient for the problem of education, though she had access to the resources.

Like Harlem, the Washington DC's inner city schools are still in trouble.

The D.C. school system that was shunned has new "standards" for education...
where the word computer is not mentioned. They are still talking about teaching children out of text books when everybody knows thatebooks can offer a greater variety of learning material than printed books, and at least pre-K-14 - national standard (Massachusetts) -should be on line for free.

It's like we're training inner city youth for careers in radio tubes at the dawn of the computer chip. It's tough to find a computer super store in the inner city. STAPLES, bless their hearts, is a stationary store, not a computer super store.

Talk about second hand information in the information age.

If then First Lady Clinton had just acted regarding computerization in the Information Age (like Lady Bird Johnson did regarding the environment in the 1960's with her Keep America Beautiful program), and told her husband (or brokered herself) to make a deal with corporations to donate older computers to local schools for a tax deduction, the problem would have been solved.

I still suspect that some of the thugs we have running the streets today would better interact with the rest of society if they spent more of their time at a computer screen where they could vent their rage in a safer environment. It's tough to have a gun and a keyboard going at the same time, though I admit, not impossible.


When Senator Clinton's husband had to have his heart operation just before the last presidential election, she expressed gratitude for their health care package. I wonder if any children died during that time as a result of not having or not having enough health care. Would she know their names? In this case Senator Clinton accepted the privilege extended to her family while tens of millions go uninsured every day. What a racket!

Maybe I missed her standing up to EPA's Whitman on 9/13/01 and saying the air WAS NOT safe to breathe, nor the water safe to drink, nor the building materials with the exploded bodies, asbestos, benzene and other toxic chemicals NOT able to be effectively cleaned. Asbestos does not clean out of fabric.

When the news was released about the breach in trust, THAT THE WHITE HOUSE TOLD THE EPA TO ALTER THE SAFETY REPORT, AND THEY COMPLIED, coordinated with a big power black out, I expected her in the White House parking lot ready to kick ass because people in her state had their lives ripped from them based on a lie.

I probably missed the story where she is suing the federal government for altering the WTC toxins safety report on behalf of those exposed. She's a lawyer,right? How much is she going for?

ALL EXPOSED TO WTC TOXINS SHOULD BE GETTING REPARATIONS AND HEALTH SUPPORT CHECKS, BIG ONES, NOW. Finance it with a recreational hemp tax if there is no money left from the war.

It was government negligence that put the city on lock down and lied about the test results. For years they denied there was even a problem.

Senator Clinton was in a position of power on 9/11. What's her position on 9/11 as an inside job? Has she said anything constructive on the issue or is she still talking that Osama bull shit?

Over the last few years Senator Clinton started to shift on the World Trade Center issue, but it's too little too late. The time to deal with it was at the beginning.


Harriet Tubman never lost a passenger on her train runs. Nope. Not never. She put the Lord first. Tubman put her life on the line to fight for those in her care.

Harriet Tubman was a war nurse and a military general in the Civil War, not a spectator in the hospital seeing what a nurse does all day. Did Senator Clinton clean out any bed pans or wipe up any puke during her recent photo op?

If not, I don't know how she can say she took the tour to understand a day in the life of a nurse.

When Sen. Clinton announced with pride about how she worked to award Harriet Tubman $10,000 in back military pay, about 90 years after Tubman's death, it seemed like a joke at first, then an insult.

Is that what The General was worth? Tubman was of greater value on the auction block, though not to herself or her people.

In retrospect, if Harriet Tubman, with all she did, was only worth $10,000......

If we are to grow as a nation, we must restore sanity to government and stop making the same stupid mistakes, putting the same selfish families in office again, and again, and possibly again.

I'm voting for the department of peace, no more torture for people or cruelty to animals, hemp legalization, restoring the Bill of Rights, common sense economics, repairing the damage this country has done, health solutions at both the cause and effect levels, empowering computerization, and a government managed from a uniting spirit, with the highest good for all concerned as its guiding principle.

I am voting Kucinich in '08.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

World Trade Center Illness Manifested

USA Today Reports:

Today her name was added to the list of those who died as a result of exposure to World Trade Center dust. She is not the only one as the list of folks who have died from WTC dust is unknown.

What we are now calling “World Trade Center Illness” (or syndrome or cough) - sickness that results from exposure to the toxic dust of the WTC - can manifest as squamous cell cancer (SCC) or mesothelioma asbestos lung or stomach CANCER and other diseases resulting from the toxic synergy resting from exposure to many known toxic substances.
Get ready to heal a whole new crop of diseases.
Most of what I've looked at over the years has been information on known cancers from exposure to the chemicals on the list of toxins.
Both cancers, squamous and mesothelioma, result from chronic chemical, petroleum by-products or asbestos exposure. Exposure increases risk, and folks have been exposed to large quantities of toxic material for years now.

We have to stop pretending not to know. Since September 11, 2001, folks in parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have been breathing, eating and drinking the dust from the World Trade Center.
The toxic soup contained transformer oil contaminated with PCB's, polyvinyl, chloride, copper, furans, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, dioxins, asbestos, mercury from the computers and lights, thousands of gallons of jet fuel, and what the National Resources Defense Council - NRDC also defined as “small hazardous waste generating entities.” Add to that an estimated 50,000 personal computers with four pounds of lead each, pulverized, and that is 200,000 pounds of lead released into the atmosphere.
Chronic asbestos and petroleum by-products’ exposure can cause cancer.
Folks have been exposed to known carcinogens, and we need to deal with this situation now.
People in New York were told “We need you strong.” Rather than evacuate the area, the city was put on lock down, and the EPA report was manipulated by the White House to reflect minimal danger in the dust. There was no choice but to consume the toxins.
From WTC Volunteer Albert Davis’ book (As told to Terri Suess ) on his experience, GETTING TO GROUND ZERO:
“The bottom line was there was a shortage of masks. I was able to get one box of matching masks and filters and delivered them to where they were needed, near the “Hole”.
They were gone in an instant.
I thought of asking rescue workers for their masks when they came out of the site to take a break so the next rescue worker could use it. No one else thought that idea would work so I abandoned it.”
Here’s more supporting documentation for my concerns.
SQUAMOUS CELL CANCER Health Central reports about SCC: “Other risks include genetic predisposition… chemical pollution, and overexposure to X-rays or other forms of radiation.”
From “Squamous cell carcinomas may also occur where skin has suffered certain kinds of injury: burns, scars, long-standing sores, sites previously exposed to X-rays or certain chemicals (such as arsenic and petroleum by-products).”
SCC can happen internally due to breathing petroleum by-products. I am dealing with this on a personal level now, which is the catalyst for these observations.
My mother-in-love, Edith Akuna, 69, worked for General Motors in Van Nuys, CA in the 1980’s. Her job on the finishing line was to put the stickers on new cars, approving the engine worked. She also pumped gas into the cars for part of her time there. To do her job, Edith breathed the chemicals off the new, 'starting for the first time' cars for years. After developing respiratory problems, she was put on complete disability about 12 years ago. Edith, who was otherwise healthy, died of SCC, the kind that results from chemical exposure.
SCC is usually a skin cancer. Because she breathed the chemicals, the SCC was on her internal organs. She had a mass that went from the top of her neck down her right lung, a second tumor lower on her lungs and one on each kidney.
As the doctors were explaining the nature of squamous cell cancer I thought, ‘chemicals, like what the folks consumed on 9/11?' I made the connection between WTC Illness and SCC because the transformer oil and the thousands of gallons of jet fuel, plus the pulverized plastics (petroleum by-products and other chemicals) are what folks in at least part of the tri state area have been consuming, like Edith did at her job.
We know based on Edith's job description and interviews with co-workers that petroleum by-products are on the list. Of course they have not released the list. They said they'll get back to her son. That was two years ago.
The problem of WTC Illness is not just SCC.
Another dangerous element from the dust is the asbestos. Asbestos inhalation increases ones risk for Mesothelioma Asbestos Lung Cancer.
There was, as estimated by the NRDC, between 300-400 tons of asbestos released into the air, pulverized, when the buildings fell. From the site:“ Pleural mesothelioma or cancer of the lung lining is the most common form of mesothelioma cancer. Peritoneal mesothelioma is stomach lining cancer and is the next most common form of mesothelioma.”
“Asbestos fibers are found in nature and float easily.
Nearly everyone is exposed to asbestos at some time in their lives. It becomes a health concern when asbestos fibers are breathed in at high concentrations over a long time period. As a person’s exposure to fibers increases, either by breathing more fibers or by breathing fibers for a longer time, that person’s risk of disease also increases. It can take anywhere from 10 to 40 years for someone to develop a specific illness after their exposure. Disease is very unlikely to result from a single, high-level exposure, or from a short period of exposure to lower levels.”
But the asbestos was blown into buildings, into fabrics that people interact with, and though the WTC area has been cleaned up, much of the surrounding area has not and the dusty material was transported in open trucks.
More from the CDC on September 13, 2001. “What are some things that can be done to limit exposure? For the general public, the further an individual is from the site of dust generation, the less exposure there will be to high levels of asbestos. The best advice is to avoid or limit dust exposure as much as possible.”
People were told that the dust was limited to lower Manhattan. That was just not true. Paper was found from the WTC as far east as Long Island. If a piece of paper could travel that far, imagine how far the dust traveled, based on prevailing winds.”
CONCLUSION George Carlin told a joke about how what use to be called “shell shock” is now “post traumatic stress disorder.” His point was adding more words to describe a situation is not always a good thing. We need to call the next phase of world trade center illness what it is - C A N C E R or toxic synergy.
Regular cancer screening and treatment needs to be available at no cost for all exposed.
Research needs to be done on how to effectively deal with these cancers. Consider “Sharks Don't Get Cancer : How Shark Cartilage Could Save Your Life” by William I. Lane and Linda Comac.
Also look at hydrotherapy, medical marijuana, stress reduction and the need for a healthy diet.
I am not a medical professional. I am a tough minded optimist. I lived in New York from ’72-98. I live in Arizona now. I LOVE NEW YORK ETERNALLY (and the tri-state area –it’s a total package).
Caroline Myss in her book “Anatomy of the Spirit : The Seven Stages of Power and Healing” has a concept “Wisdom Erases Karma.” It’s time to wise up on this issue. Please let me know what you think and share this information with those who can help address the upcoming WTC cancer and other health issues crisis.
We are overcoming now.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Militarization of Our Police

There was a time, at the beginning of the last century, when the police were our friends.
Welcome to modern times.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

9/11 Was An Inside Job! Now What?

9/11 Was An Inside Job

In case you were not told, 9/11 was an inside job, pulled off by folks in the government who needed to create a New Pearl Harbor to get folks in line with the Nazi plan of extermination.

Your elected and appointed officials helped.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


In the 90's I tried to tell Harlem's lack of leadership, guided by Congressman Rangel, that she was at the edge of the ocean at the beginning of global warming and we needed to build water walls or some way to manage a surge from the ocean. I was one of many ignored, inconvenient truths.
Fast forward 20 years. I thank the mayor for having an evacuation plan. I hope it works.
To see the danger you are in, in the event of a "freak" storm surge off the ocean, to go google earth and search for Harlem, New York (it's true for New York City too). At the bottom of the view is the sea level, posted for the area. Some parts of Harlem and the Upper East Side are as low as 10' above sea level. So you know what a real wave up the rivers will do.
Please pay attention to the weather and good luck in the storm.

Here's the posting from the City of New York about tomorrow's storm.

From : Emergency Preparedness, Notifications and Alerts

The National Weather Services has issued a Coastal Flood Watch and a Wind Advisory for New York City beginning on Sunday, April 15. A large storm is headed toward the city, and may cause dangerous winds, heavy precipitation, and flooding.

New Yorkers should prepare their homes and cars before the storm hits, and remember their neighbors with special needs who may require extra support.

Read the press release
Learn more about nor'easters

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


"Our thoughts create our reality."

I've always thought that I want to be 100 years old when I grow up.

I'm going for 100 plus and I'm more than half way there, with The Lord's Grace. It doesn't matter if I die now or reach my goal because there are such wonderful moments in the mix.

Mindset seems to be important to longevity. Not the absolute, which is the Lord. But an influence.

I was teaching folks in Harlem how to use a computer when Tupac was murdered. Tupac was known for "knowing" he was going to die at 25. Many of the young people at the time shared with me that they also held that feeling.

I had classes of seniors from the A. Philip Randolph Senior Center and Minisink Townhouse and after school classes of young people at Minisink. So I told the seniors, who had clearly mastered basic survival skills by being here, what was going on with the children and asked what advice I could give the young people who don't think they would make it past 25.

The seniors unanimously agreed that the first step in getting old is seeing yourself old. Don't allow death/fear thoughts to get in the way of living.

Bryant Gumbel when he first went on the Today Show interviewed a man who was 113 years old. Bryant asked him how did he get to be 113. The man said there were only 3 things that he could think of that he did. Prayed every day. Made sure he went to bed every night and made sure he woke up every morning. He told Bryant that if he would do just those three things on that schedule, Bryant would look up an be 113 one day too. That prescription reads to me like "the divine plan for mortal survival."

Age is an illusion. We've got life, now, in this form.

"Nothing Real Can Be Threatened.
Nothing Unreal Can Exist.
Herein Lies The Peace Of God! "
(A Course In Miracles, T, 1, 2.2)

J O Y!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Virginia Montague - One Step Up for a Familiar Face - News

One Step Up for a Familiar Face - News: "One Step Up for a Familiar Face
By David Greenhouse
Spectator Staff Writer
Issue date: 3/3/05 Section: News"

"“What’s unlimited is that you can be an advocate,” she said."

Virginia M. Montague is an inspiration and further proof that the elections in Harlem must be rigged, with the dead sometimes outvoting the living. She is an extraordinary innovator, a true Harlem Hero who has consistently put the good of the community ahead of her own interests.

"Since Montague came to New York in the 1970s from North Carolina, she has been active in working with the city’s at-risk populations. She was a caseworker in the welfare system and later became a probation officer before embarking on a Pennsylvania program that sought to help released prisoners find jobs.

“Most of the young people coming out of jail didn’t have any skills at all,” she said of that experience. “We tried to place them, but they didn’t have the discipline or mental skills to succeed in a job environment.”

In part, Montague attributed her decision to run a third time to an observation that many areas of the district are experiencing economic and social stagnation.

Since 1997, “the conditions I see in my community haven’t changed,” she said.

Montague talked about improving constituent service as a way of jump-starting social progress and bringing fringe areas more fully into the district."
I hope she writes a book on the importance of having elected and appointed officials who actually care about the community, like she does. What the elected folks have allowed to happen in Harlem post dis-empowerment zone era (1997) is a shame before God.
Harlem stands at the beginning of Global Warming, unprotected, below sea level, with elected officials who did nothing to build dikes or water walls to protect 125th Street in the event of a rise in the sea level. They were warned and did nothing.
To understand, in the spring from either end of 125th Street you can see the river elevated. It's a thin line to flood the valley, Central Harlem.
Instead, some of the elected and appointed officials propose a restaurant/mall down wind from the stinking, uncovered sewer tanks at North River, lying under Riverbank State Park, where people come to exercise and play.

If Montague had been elected to City Council in 1997, the whole future of New York would have been radically better. Her hope chest is full with constructive possibilities. Her political commitment is to the Lord's Highest Good For All Concerned. I can't imagine her as a cut throat politician, what I'm told it takes to succeed. I hope she runs until she wins again, and again, and again.

I pray the rest of Harlem is as proud of Virginia M. Montague as I am, and will, like in the production THE WIZ, throw off Evillene and dance in the light of healing ideas Montague and other positive community folks are trying to implement to make our lives, and that of future generations, better.

Thank you Virginia Montague and all the other Harlem Heroes fighting to make this world a better place.

Go forward!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Is Congressman Rangel Senile?

I mean no disrespect in my question but the man makes no sense. 9/11, global warming, racism, failing educational system, government corruption, loss of freedom, war, etc. are issues that need to be addressed through the House Ways and Means Committee, which he chairs.

I ask because the Congressman Charles Rangel continues to propose totally unworkable solutions to problems, like re-instituting the draft.

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Rep. Charles Rangel introduced a bill in Congress to reinstate the military draft, saying fighting forces should more closely reflect the economic makeup of the nation. " Wednesday, January 8, 2003

War is an ineffective solution and yet, he continues to advocate it as a strategy. Could it be Mad Cow? Just dumb?

When I first sat down to write this piece I thought I was the only one who thinks that the forever evil congressman has turned senile (when crack and AIDS came to Harlem he did NOTHING effective, if anything). A Yahoo web search returned the results "...about 382 for "Charles Rangel" "senile"

I don't think the man ever got elected...just another in a series of stolen elections. Kitchen table petitioning, voter fraud, corruption so thick that a McDonalds opened in Harlem Hospital, and the eternal cycle of money and programs in place before elections, snatched away within a week of the election, stand as testimony.

Just look at how he took Harlem from the land of hope and dreams in the 70's that Congressman Adam Clayton Powell helped create, to the depths of despair, doing his best to keep Harlem out of the Information Age.

Harlem under his watch has became an environmental disaster area.

I told Congressman Rangel in the mid 90's that in between 10-15 years global warming would kick in. I explained that Harlem needed to build water walls at either end of 125th street, because when the ocean rises, since 125th street is below sea level, it could flood and a lot of life and property could be lost. Did he even care? No! His eyes just glazed over like he didn't have a clue what I was talking about, even though I had a topographical map that demonstrated what I was talking about.

Harlem is infested with industrial age thinking in the information age. The congressman is at the helm of stupidity.

For example. Industrial age thinking says it's fine for folks to starve and freeze if they can't afford food or fuel. No problem, just the American way.

Charles Rangel dissed Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez who is giving oil to poor folks in America who can't afford traditional heating bills. The congressman is an embarrassment.

"Congressman Charles B. Rangel was the principal author of the five billion-dollar Federal Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community demonstration project to revitalize urban neighborhoods throughout America. "

This author of the dis-empowerment zone trashed many good souls working in the 90's to make Harlem a better place, build our businesses and give back to the community.

Given what Congressman Rangel has done for Harlem, and what he is proposing for our young people, it's foolish to think that he would not do the same to the rest of America.


We must demand integrity in elections so people like Congressman Rangel can stop killing the rest of us.