Saturday, April 14, 2007


In the 90's I tried to tell Harlem's lack of leadership, guided by Congressman Rangel, that she was at the edge of the ocean at the beginning of global warming and we needed to build water walls or some way to manage a surge from the ocean. I was one of many ignored, inconvenient truths.
Fast forward 20 years. I thank the mayor for having an evacuation plan. I hope it works.
To see the danger you are in, in the event of a "freak" storm surge off the ocean, to go google earth and search for Harlem, New York (it's true for New York City too). At the bottom of the view is the sea level, posted for the area. Some parts of Harlem and the Upper East Side are as low as 10' above sea level. So you know what a real wave up the rivers will do.
Please pay attention to the weather and good luck in the storm.

Here's the posting from the City of New York about tomorrow's storm.

From : Emergency Preparedness, Notifications and Alerts

The National Weather Services has issued a Coastal Flood Watch and a Wind Advisory for New York City beginning on Sunday, April 15. A large storm is headed toward the city, and may cause dangerous winds, heavy precipitation, and flooding.

New Yorkers should prepare their homes and cars before the storm hits, and remember their neighbors with special needs who may require extra support.

Read the press release
Learn more about nor'easters

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