Sunday, November 23, 2008

NYC Made The Golden Rule Illegal!!!

"NEW YORK - Twenty-two New York City churches have been ordered by the city to stop providing shelter to the homeless."

When I left NYC 10 years ago not even I knew that the City would stoop so low as to make the golden rule, 'do onto others as you would have others do onto you,' illegal. Have they no shame? Instead of empowering the churches to take on the task for 5 days of service, it shuts down the beds for the days that they can provide service.

I know the elections are fixed (zero votes for Obama during the '08 primary in many Harlem districts) and maybe that is the reason they govern so ruthlessly with no regards for the victims of their policies. Poverty pimps need poverty to pimp which requires a level of disillusionment. Turned away from a church, qualifies. It helps pump up the sense of helplessness they need to stay in business.

New York use to be a beacon of hope. In this economic crisis, where we have no clue who will be homeless next year, it's a potential nightmare, one already for some.

With the feds heads you know where, NYC government is free to hurt who they want from traffic harassment, to beds for the homeless, to murder by wrong address or color.

Remember, the feds could not have lied on 9/13/01 that the air was safe to breathe and the water safe to drink without the consent of the NYC government. They knew the EPA was lying. They had the air quality readings from the sewer system and the City's EPA. If you care, check out World Trade Center Illness, which is a direct result of government policy to put NYC on lockdown rather than evacuate.

Based on results, the NYC government does not have the best interests of the people of New York at heart, especially those most in need. That's not a new revelation, just a restatement of a fact. Like Prison, Inc., the system is looking for more customers and this is one way to do it.

What needs to happen is an upliftment of the term 'community activist.' Folks working for little to no pay to make their community a better place, like what Barack Obama did in Chicago in the 90's, should be empowered to do good.

This should be expanded to include homes, like what Mother Hale did in Harlem in the '80's and 90's. She took in who she could for as long as she could. More families and friends could take folks in for less money than is spent on big institutions.

The government lies and says the problem is money. Talk about pretend not to know. The resources the government is putting into destroying lives for interacting with the hemp plant should be re-directed into a fund to help us solve our problems now.

If NYC got 20% of all recreational hemp sales, the conversation would be about what to do with so much extra cash. Plus, planting hemp, with its 6 foot root system, would aerate the soil of many of the toxins still left from the exploded World Trade Center. For more on hemp please visit the USA Hemp Museum.

I hope the Obama adminstration is wise enough to unconditionally end hemp prohibition and begins solving problems with the income from America's #1 cash crop.

The way to solve the problem of homelessness, is to provide homes for folks without. It's that simple and with computers, it can be a piece of cake.