Tuesday, October 20, 2015

BET & OWN Did Not Adequately Cover Million Man March 2015, WHY?

I agree with the brother in the video, we must cover what the media will not.

BET is a Viacom channel
like OWN is owned by the Discovery channel that replaced Discovery Health Channel.
That may be why neither "Black" network covered the event, because they are not owned by the communities that support them.

In case you haven't noticed, like Malcolm X said, 'we have been had, took and bamboozled.' The poverty pimps coast to coast have sold us out like cattle at the slaughter, i.e. environmental racism (Harlem surrounded by 5 open sewers - toxic oil field in Carson, CA), Iran Contra crack, according to the late Dr. Boyd Graves government created AIDS, etc.
Things like this help me to understand why this important event, with this many souls standing non-violently in unity, is ignored by those who own the "New Negroes". They are too busy counting their billions to say a word about what's really going on, let alone help to fix it. Children need solar powered computers much more than books.
"You might also examine protest poetry written by Harlem Renaissance writers. The Making of African American Identity, Vol. III, 1917-1968" offers examples by Claude McKay, Gwendolyn B. Bennett, Sterling A. Brown, Countee Cullen, and Langston Hughes. How does the spirit of their poetry compare with the spirit of the Old Negro-New Negro cartoons of 1919? To what extent do their poems confirm or refute the assertion that the New Negro movement of the 1920s sought the acceptance of white America in the sublimity of the fine arts and not in the political sphere of action or protest poetry?"
I accept I have a warped understanding of this situation, warped by truth in an age of controlled thinking. I got to help Dr. Leroy Vaughn, MD, MBA, Historian do his book BLACK PEOPLE AND THEIR PLACE IN WORLD HISTORY that covers from ancient times to the late 20th Century about the time the big snake poverty pimps took over by force.

BTW, it's not just Black folks! Fukushima is being ignored (3d print the entombment, phytoremediate in hemp / lead / tungsten / hemp plastic exterior). The Manhattan Project nuclear waste dump fire reaches closer in St. Louis (use contour crafting to cover the endangered material). Millions of dead animals are washing up on the ocean shores (Fukushima radiation, ocean drilling, whatever the cause stop it and clean it up). Cancer rates are high (cannabis is proven to cure cancer - use it and other cancer healing natural remedies). Medicine can create more health problems than it solves (legalize natural medicines). A lot of food & water have toxic chemicals in them (replace the FDA with a food and drug safety administration). The climate is changing (research and implement balance). One of the leading candidates for president built a fake gold tower to himself in the heart of New York (Can't fix stupid).
What else are we pretending not to know and why?