Friday, February 01, 2008

Are Bill Clinton and Congressman Charles Rangel Senile?

I've asked this question about Congressman Charles Rangel before and now I have to ask it about Bill Clinton too. Both men are leaders in Harlem and neither seems to have a clue about what's really going on.

Is it the air from the 5 open sewers around Harlem* that is causing them to live in illusion rather than deal with the real issues of life like cancer rates, cloned foods - dirty water, failing highway system, global warming, economic and political corruption, war, educational crisis, doomed social security system, etc. Or is it just greed and ego?

Their participation in a system that has legislated us to death is legendary and shameful. Yet stolen election after stolen election, like what happened in the New Hampshire primary in January, 2008 is still the order of the day.

These men stay in power while America is on her death bed, guilty of torture, murder and pollution under their leadership, current and past. Global warming is in process and America's coastal cities are just waiting for something to happen, rather than take a pro-active stand.

Congressman Rangel, rather than just legalize hemp and tax it at 20%, has a tax plan that's difficult to understand, adding more stress to daily life. Rather than shift to hemp biofuel for energy, he supports the draft. War is not the answer my brother Charles. It's like he wants all of America to be like the disempowerment zone he created in the 90's in Harlem.

But Congressman Rangel has been out done by Bill Clinton who still says that 9/11 happened because of Osama bin Laden and 19 folks from Saudi Arabia.

See, the problem with being senile, or flat out telling a lie, is that it's tough to remember the details when called upon.

Call me what you want, but the truth is the truth. WTC 1, 2 and 7 did not fall down, burn up nor were knocked over. The flames did not get hot enough to do that. All recorded sound is of explosions, not falling. Material was pulverized, not crushed.

The Mayor was paid in a software contract with Homeland Security. The owner of the buildings was paid in a large insurance settlement.

When the head of the EPA lied and said there was no danger in the dust from the exploded buildings, neither Charles Rangel, Bill Clinton nor his wife Senator Hillary Clinton said a word about the danger in public. They just all led us in a process of national prayer for the victims, without saying that the victims were not limited to that day.

I'm an old woman in the middle of the Mohave Desert and I was screaming to get those people out of there. I was told they couldn't leave because the city was on lock down. If any one of them had said anything, the people in Manhattan could have been spared days of exposure to the toxic dust.

So I ask, are they senile? It takes senility or worse to believe that a dialysis patient with 19 friends picked the right moment when the military was on a scheduled exercise to run the story the way it went. They were even smart enough to fly a plane with pinpoint accuracy into the Pentagon and not leave a trace of the plane on the grounds.

Look you yourself and research "9/11 Truth", or "9/11 was an inside job".

My oh my.

Here's the information on the 5 sewers. I left Harlem in 1998 after I went to North River and Ward's Island sewers and saw how little attention was being paid to the process and the danger it posed to the community.

When I met with Congressman Rangel at a 'disempowerment zone' meeting to talk about this and other environmental issues his eyes glazed over. From what I read on the web, though they put in machines to control the funk at North River, the dangers of air borne mutating virus and voc's are still there.

*5 open sewers around Harlem

North River, Wards Island, Tallmans Island, Hunts Point and Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plants:

The two most obvious, North River (135th & Hudson River, 10027) and Wards Island (Wards Island, NYC 10035) Water Pollution Control Plants (Sewage Treatment Plants) are on the west side of Harlem and in the river off of the east side respectively.

In great part due to the open windows at all ends of the North River Water Pollution Control Plant, and outdoor tanks at Wards Island, Harlem is breathing, daily, volatile organic compounds (VOC's -airborne living organisms) from these sewage tanks.

Across the river on the east side, Harlem is also close to Hunts Point Water Pollution Control Plant, Tallmans Island Water Pollution Control Plant, and Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plant. Click right to see a list of the NYC sewer system

What the folks in charge were failing to do is cover the secondary tanks. They keep the conversation on odor and flow, which are not killing anybody. What they need to be studying is what is going on with mutating virus kept at warm.

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