Friday, June 06, 2008

Why Isn't Gov. David Patterson Screaming About 9/11?

Maybe I'm not suppose to understand.

Can somebody please explain to me why the new governor of New York, David Patterson, is not screaming and demanding an immediate, vetted investigation into what really happened on 9/11/01. He has inherited a state with a huge wound and little to no resources to heal it.

There are many webeos on the subject of 9/11 Truth, i.e. Loose Change, a great 9/11 starter piece. (Not the last edited one, the Second Edition)

The military was on stand down on 9/11. Dr. Steven E. Jones reports thermite was found at the WTC site. Many witnesses reported hearing explosions. The main beneficiary of the crime is the Bush Administration, who used the event as a motivation to their march to war.

Governor Patterson's first responsibility should be to the people of New York, unlike that of the federal government.

Thanks Keith Olberman and the Countdown crew for your great and courageous coverage, like the piece on:

Rep. Darrell Issa 'Worst Person' for Refusing 9/11 Sick Aid

New Yorkers are suffering and dying from World Trade Center Illness, not just the first responders either. Though there have been studies and folks registered, no help is available when disease manifest. As witnessed by body parts still being found at the site, the city was never cleaned of the exploded World Trade Centers 1, 2 & 7.

Rather than take a proactive strategy of preventative medicine, the government chose, despite repeated warnings, to study the problem.

Governor Patterson needs to lead the fight to help New Yorkers, and the dust did not stop at 14th Street, deal with the unspoken health crisis people are experiencing.

The governor needs to demand unconditional health care to all exposed.

Pay for the medical bill with complete legalization of hemp in New York. Apply a 20% recreational hemp tax. It's a perfect place for a ground zero fight of states vs. federal rights.

For more information on hemp visit the USA Hemp Museum,


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