Friday, February 01, 2008

Thank you Reverend James David Manning

Reverend James David Manning

Thank you for your heroic stand against Harlem's biggest poverty pimp, Congressman Charles Rangel, HNIC, Harlem. The Wrangler has got to go.

After working on Albert Davis's campaign in the early 90's, helping train over 3,000 folks as the Computer Underground Railroad in the mid 90's, and doing extensive environmental research throughout, I left Harlem in '98 with the understanding that there was no way to get him out of office at the time.

Like Josephine Baker said, the times they are a changin'.

Under Congressman Rangel, Harlem lost her hope. He was in charge when the CIA targeted the best and the brightest under Iran Contra and let crack raid the streets of Harlem, where there are no poppy fields. His silence was the ticket needed to infect the population with hopelessness.

Despite his note to you that reveals that in 2007 he was not yet computer literate, he is making no positive economic, educational and politcal contibutions to anything other than himself and those he serves. Harlem is rotting under his leadership and the poverty pimps he has set up to take over, have no grander plans than he. Their concept of a good idea is to build more tall buildings on the earthquake fault line known as 125th Street, below sea level at the beginning of global warming, rather than build sea walls for the projected ocean level rising. Instead, he's still jail not jobs for the people of Harlem.

With leadership like you, Rev. Manning, Harlem can be restored to the land of hope, just outside of midtown.


BorderDrama said...

Finally, a black preacher who exposes the political pimps, Barack Obama, the Clintons and Charles Rangel.

Reverend James David Manning is unique among black pastors in that he acknowledges the threat of illegal immigration to American blacks.

All the above named political pimps and John McCain support the continued exploitation of cheap third world labor by greedy employers, and by Hispanic political activists who want them in their organizations. American blacks will suffer more than any other demographic groups, if the political pimps legalize tens of millions of new third world immigrants. They will have to compete with them in the shrinking job market. There have already been three amnesties fo immigration law breakers since 1986 [IRCA, 245(i), and the Extension of 245(i)].

Nayer said...

Thanks for your insight. I can quote chapter and verse on the Clintons and Rangel as poverty pimps...disempowerment zones, environmental racism, the wide digital divide, etc.

Rev. Christine Glover said...



Black pastors who use their pulpits to pit one democratic candidate against each other with very disturbing and derogatory statements against the other candidate are accountable to God.

You are accountable because you are not preaching the Gospel of peace and love; and, you misrepresent God in your behavior and actions.

Black people -- Why are we tearing each other down? If you want to vote for a particular candidate, so be it. But, why do it at the destruction of the other?

Blacks are being pitted against each other. The old theology of divide and conquer has been used since slavery to keep us from uniting as a people. Don't let them do it!

The Conservative Talk Show hosts have admitted today that they are going to look for anything they can to cause CHAOS among the democratic candidates. This includes telling republicans to vote for Hillary to give her a false sense of belief that the people are for her, only to defeat her in the general election because they really hate her.

I heard Rush Limbaugh play a very disturbing tape from the sermons of Rev. James David Manning of Harlem, who said some very disturbing and derogatory statements against Barack Obama, even going so far as to call him a freak because of his biracial DNA. He also called him a long-legged pimp among other things.

It was so horrible that I literally got sick. The pastor had the audacity to say that it was the Word of God that was in his mouth. He spoke some other very bad things that seem to portray himself as God.

If you serve the one and only true God like I do, please stop the hatred in the name of true Christianity.

Lauren Marie said...

To Christine Glover,

First, I want to point out that you do not have authority to tell Pastor Manning how or what he should preach. In fact, women should not speak in church according to the New Testament. They should remain silent and if they have questions, they should ask their husbands when they get home. They should also wear a head covering during the service to show that they are submissive to their husbands. The man should take off his hat to show that he is submissive only to God. Because man was created by God, but woman was created from man by God. (Reference 1 Corinthians 14:34 for women silence and reverent during church meetings. Reference1 Corinthians Chapter 11 for confirmation about head coverings.)

Second, why don't you do a little bit of research before you make yourself look uninformed. Pastor Manning preaches the Gospel and declares that Jesus is Lord nearly every time he speaks from the pulpit. I do not remember ever hearing him not declare such a thing, and you can clearly see the sign on his pulpit that says "Jesus is Lord!" He does not contradict Jesus, but he does point out evil an sin when he identifies it. Jesus spent a great deal of time during his sermons identifying and admonishing people from sin. If you will recall, during the Gospel of John, Jesus went into the Jewish Temple with GREAT ANGER and overturned the tables and chased the people out with a whip (I've heard some references that he actually beat people with a stick (whip) for disgracing God in His Temple by buying, selling and doing things that were extremely inappropriate for the Temple of God). (Reference John 2:13-16, ‘Making a whip of cords, he drove all of them out of the temple, both the sheep and the cattle.’)

Black people have problems that they need to address. White people also have problems we need to address. The Honorable James David Manning has the courage and strength to address BOTH ISSUES. I question whether you could address either. Someone has to do this, Christine.

Sometimes a pastor's job is to help people better their lives and keep them from going astray. Preaching the Gospel is much more complex than saying "God loves you. He will forgive you for all things." To get through to some people, you have to speak harshly. And for reference, Jesus told the Pharisees that prostitutes and tax collectors would enter the Kingdom of God before they would. Do you think this was popular with the upper echelon of rabbis during the era? NO. (Reference Matthew 21:31)

Now, in closing, I want to say that I am not perfect; I have not perfected the art of living a truly Christian life, but I am trying. And I tell you very truthfully that I find insight and spiritual guidance from Reverend Manning even though I am a Catholic. It will take me the rest of my life to understand the Lord; I may never get it just right, but I have faith that the Lord will help me and I know He will help you too as well as the woman that started this blog. But we need to accept that some speech, albeit stern and reproachful is NECESSARY because sin must be identified before it can be forgiven.

George Bernard Shaw - “The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that’s the essence of inhumanity.”

J_Jeanniton said...

Dear Lauren Maurie,

I know just how SANCTIMONIOUS you are about women being forbidden to preach or teach in church. The truth is, most people of your kind wouldn't hesitate that these apply ONLY to the FORMAL OFFICIAL SACRED REGULAR GATHERINGS OF CHRISTIANS for CHURCH WORSHIP on the LORD'S HOLY SABBATH DAY. But today is not the Sabbath, neither is this relation that we are engaged in, the FORMAL assembly of worship, neither does Pastor Manning's due domain of headship lawfully extend over this blog. The person, Rev. Christine Glover, who just criticized Pastor Manning and you accused of violating 1 Corinthians 14:34/35 and 1 Timothy 2:11/12 had EVERY INHERENT BIBLICAL RIGHT to CRITICIZE Pastor Manning on her blog!! Though I will admit that Rev. Christine Glover is a PEPUZIAN heretic, and her very TITLE of REV. shows that she advocates Women’s ordination, a thing I do not advocate at any time, neither will the Bible allow it at all. In fact there are explicit and universally applicable reasons against it. Adam was first formed then Eve, therefore only MEN are eligible to hold headship roles at home and in church. Next time, I shall show you why I cannot recognize the legitimacy of any of Pastor Manning's claims.

wolzo said...

I have watched reverend Manning and I believe the man is touched by the Lord.

We have as christians become de-sensitized to political correctness. Jesus was never politically correct, He was truth. Yes the way you deliver truth should be considered carefully, but it doesn't make it any less the truth.

Pastor Manning is a modern day saint and I'm encouraged by how he is turning young kids in Harlem around, preaching good morals and the strength of the family. Black people should build on family - why are 70% of kids born into single parent househoulds. 1 in 10 black men in jail. Mark my words in 4-5 yrs time Harlem will be buzzing and miracles i'm sure are already happening there.

Pastor we stand behind you. Just follow the Lord